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Worms are wonderful workers to have in your garden. They turn kitchen scraps into nourishing free fertiliser. A worm farm is an easy, kid-friendly do-it-yourself project. You can use a range of recycled containers, including styrofoam vegie boxes, an old bathtub, or my favourite – an old stand-alone laundry tub. I'm sharing how to make a worm farm in an old laundry tub. Read more →

Concern for the environment is what initially motivated me to embrace the idea of voluntary simplicity. Overconsumption is killing our planet. By choosing to consume less, I choose to be kinder to our environment. These days, my motivations are more selfish. Environmental concerns are no longer the primary contributor to my desire to live simply. I’ve discovered that I like living with less. Read more →

You may have been weeding chickweed from your garden lately. It is a common cool-season weed and is abundant right now. Removing this plant is like pulling out a patch of lettuce or spinach. Chickweed (Stellaria media) is tasty and nutritious. It is also easy to identify, making it safe for beginner foragers. Read more →