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Unfortunately, it looks like I have killed my stash of vegetable seeds by not storing them properly. In an effort to take better care of my seeds, I have reminded myself of the main culprits for reducing seed viability: moisture, heat and changes in temperature. To store seeds properly we need to keep them dry, cool and avoid temperature fluctuations. Here's my top tips for storing seeds properly. Read more →

One of my favorite ways to spend time as a family is to create something useful or learn a new skill. Our family projects often go unfinished and sometimes fail. For me, the creative process and time together is whats important, regardless of the outcome. Here's a list of ten creative weekend family project ideas. Read more →

Kitchen scraps and coffee grounds - I can't get enough of them. The coffee grounds are fed to my acid-loving blueberry bushes and the scraps go to the chooks and worms, who convert it into delicious eggs and fantastic compost. I've considered asking local cafes and restaurants if I can have their kitchen scraps, so I was interested when I discovered a Hunter Valley business doing exactly that. Feedback Organic Recovery collects waste from cafes and turns it into compost. Read more →

There are many ways to welcome native bees into our backyards. One of my favourite is to provide nesting habitat. Little Eco and I recently made a native solitary bee hotel. Much to our amazement the hotel was occupied almost as soon as it was opened. We have baby bees! Read more →

Autumn is peak pumpkin harvesting time. Whether you are picking your own home-grown pumpkins or grabbing a bargain at the farmers’ markets, knowing how to store pumpkins will allow you to enjoy fresh local pumpkins for months to come. I'm sharing tips for how to choose, harvest, cure and store pumpkins. Read more →