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One of the most valuable sustainable living skills you can master is the ability to change your habits. Until behaviour change becomes a habit, it can be challenging. Even little changes, like remembering to pack a reusable shopping bag, can be a hassle in the beginning. Thankfully, we’re creatures of habit and as soon as a change becomes a habit, it becomes automatic and easy. Read more →

For the past year my family and I have been quietly conducting a rather large experiment in voluntary simplicity. We've been living in a shed. Living in a small uninsulated shed without internal plumbing definitely had its challenges – but I also learnt that small living has big benefits. Here's what living in a shed for a year taught me about simple living... Read more →

I’m embracing a well-known money saving tip – shop from your pantry. I’m forcing myself to be creative and resourceful with the food we already have. I’m guessing that I’m not the only one ducking off to the shop when there’s perfectly good food in the pantry, so I thought I’d share some pantry shopping tips. Read more →