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February 2014

I’m learning to let the garden dictate what we eat and when. It’s a matter of use it, or lose it. Lately, we've been eating and preserving tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes. I'm sharing tips for making an easy tomato paste and also share how to sun-dry tomatoes on your car dashboard. Read more →

The changes I’ve made to reduce my family’s ecological footprint have been within my comfort zone – until now. I’m going to raise chickens for meat. I’m excited, but also nervous. Uncertain that I could actually ‘do the deed’ and worried that I wouldn’t do it humanely or properly, I took myself off to ‘Chicken Day’ at Buena Vista Farm on the south coast of NSW where I learnt how to raise and process meat chickens. Read more →

It’s blackberry picking season here in Australia. I'm sharing tips for safe blackberry picking and an easy recipe for blackberry jam. A common response when I mention blackberry picking is “How do you know the plants haven’t been sprayed?” This concern is justified given that blackberry is an aggressive weed here in Australia and herbicides are used in its control. I share tips for reducing the risk of foraging from recently sprayed plants. Read more →