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January 2014

Zucchini are at their best right now. This versatile and prolific vegetable is a boom and bust vegetable. Prices have dropped and those of you growing it at home are likely to be searching for new ways to use zucchini. I share my favorite zucchini recipes and a recipe for zucchini bread and butter pickles. Read more →

There’s dozens of games for children that can be played with a standard 52-card deck. We’ve started playing cards as a family after dinner. Our favourite games so far include Go Fish, Old Maid, Memory and Snap. Read more →

I’ve realised that having everything I want is within my reach. I don’t need more money; I just need to want less. Simple living, sustainable living, voluntary simplicity, minimalism, or whatever you want to call it, isn't about deprivation. Living with less is about deciding what you really want and foregoing the rest. In the wise words of Henry David Thoreau, “I make myself rich by making my wants few”. Read more →

My new year’s resolution is to make our family mealtimes matter. I’ve reluctantly accepted that my days will never be as simple or as slow as I’d like. Thankfully, I believe it’s possible to be busy, but still live ‘slowly’. For me, the key is to pause and create moments of calm among the chaos. Mealtimes are one of my favourite moments to pause and reconnect. Here’s my plan of attack for making family mealtimes matter. 1. Create a calm and inviting dining environment. Turn off the TV, place phones and toys out of reach and clear the clutter from... Read more →