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October 2013

I don’t mind sharing my home with a few spiders. It’s been years since I’ve used insect spray and I’ve never organised a pest control treatment. My main motivation was avoiding chemicals, but I recently learnt that by avoiding pesticides, I may actually be helping to minimise bugs in my home. University of Sydney biologist Elizabeth Lowe has found that killing household spiders can result in an increase in other pests. Read more →

When I’ve been fortunate to witness a falling star I’ve usually made a wish related to happiness. If these wishes are anything to go by, I clearly thought that being happy was the key to living a good life. But apparently I was on the wrong track – and am more likely to find a good life in helping others. Read more →

As the recent school holidays drew near, I started planning activities and outings – but then I stopped. I realised that what Little Eco needed most was free time. She’s only in her first year of school – but already I feel that the business that accompanies school and after-school activities leaves little time for play. I kept organised activities to a minimum and watched as she remembered how to play. Read more →

My latest attempt at companion planting has been growing corn, beans and squash together – a trio known as the ‘Three Sisters’. The corn provides a structure for the beans to climb. The beans support the corn and increase the availability of nitrogen, and the squash shades the ground – deterring weeds and maintaining soil moisture. Read more →

The environmental and financial benefits of sharing and hand-me-downs are widely recognised. Most of us know that when we borrow or favour pre-loved we minimise waste and reduce resource use. But a major hurdle in the use of second-hand items is being able to find what we need, when we need it. I have found one of the most effective ways to find what you want without resorting to buying new is to let your friends and family know what you are searching for. It’s highly likely that someone will have what you need sitting unused and unloved in their... Read more →