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The sense in eco-villages, where tasks are shared among households or delegated, is clearer to me now than ever before. I’ve been watching with interest the progress of a proposed eco village here in the Hunter Valley. The Shepherds Ground eco village is destined for a 277 acre property around 15 minutes from Morpeth and only 40 minutes from the Newcastle airport. It will provide 29 households with the opportunity to enjoy living on a sustainable and productive rural property without the work that’s associated with going it alone. Read more →

Children playing in the front yard is something I rarely see these days. This apparent lack of neighbourhood play saddens me a little, so I was thrilled when I heard about a verge veggie garden created by some Newcastle kids. The garden is only a couple of weeks old and already has become a place for the neighbourhood kids to meet, work and play. Read more →

Making a worm farm using free and recycled materials is easy – easy enough that children can do it themselves with just a little help. I'm sharing how to make a worm farm over at Childhood 101. As you may have noticed, I'm a little obsessed with foraging. I recently shared a recipe for a Winter foraging feast over at the 1 Million Women blog. Can I tempt you to try Stinging Nettle frittata with a side of Chickweed? Read more →

Creating habitat for wildlife in our backyards is a worthwhile gesture no matter what the size of your yard. Even the tiniest urban backyard can provide habitat for native birds, butterflies, microbats, bees and lizards. Tricia shares tips for how to welcome wildlife into your backyard. Read more →

Xanthe recently spent a day following us around taking photos. I love that she captured moments that matter to us. The remnants of a nettle tea and damper twirl afternon tea... Me in pink dishwashing gloves foraging stinging nettle... Baskets of nettle waiting to be washed and dried (can you tell I'm obsessed with nettle?)... Flicking through a field guide looking for something we spotted on our walk... Them being typically cheeky... And the last photo is my absolute faourite.... Me with my double chins and Daddy Eco with his smile lines. Xanthe has magically captured us being us. Me... Read more →