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Retreat from monotony {and a recipe for damper twirls}

Campfire damper twirls

I'm over at Kidspot Village Voices writing about retreating from the monotony of weekdays. Do you find weekdays a tad monotonous? I do. I feel a much needed sense of escape and renewal if we break up our routine by doing something out of the ordinary.

Head on over to kidspot to find out what our 'out of the ordinary' is. I also share a recipe for these delicious damper twirls. 

It's the second of three posts I'll be writing for Kidspot as part of the Voices of 2013 competition. Thank you to those who popped over last week and shared your favourite childhood memories. As I mentioned last week, the judges are watching - so if you feel like leaving a comment do so over there ;-) Thank you. x