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I recently went on a speed date. I wasn't searching for a new husband - but rather was hoping to pick up a few sustainable design tips. Speed Date a Sustainable Designer, hosted by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA), gave me the opportunity to discuss our home plans with some of Australia's leading architects and building designers. Read more →

I imagine many of you are aware of the poor decisions being made by a number of state governments regarding the management of our national parks. Perhaps you have signed a petition or two - but were planning to do more? Today is the day to act. It looks like cabinet are meeting today to consider what action to take, if any, to increase the federal government's involvement in the management of national parks. I'm going to make it real easy for you to add your voice to the call for our national parks to be truly national. If you... Read more →

Car Next Door lets people share cars with their neighbours for the mutual benefit of both. The car owner makes a little extra cash, offsetting the costs of their car and the borrower has access to a car that would otherwise be sitting idle. The benefits extend beyond the owner and the borrower – with each car in the project keeping an average of eight other cars off the road. Read more →

Autumn 2013 was the season we finally took a deep breath and looked beyond the struggles of living in a shed and started to appreciate how lucky we are to be creating a home in such a magical place. I shared one of my favourite childhood memories with Little Eco - damper twirls cooked on a campfire and filled with golden syrup. She enjoyed them so much she promptly declared Monday night is camp fire night. I can live with that. We celebrated the inaugural dunny move. The garden is slowly growing, with a little help from our chooks, free... Read more →