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I love vintage and pre-loved clothing. Clothes that are durable and timeless appeal to me far more than the mass-produced disposable clothes of today. Durability aside, favouring pre-loved is an easy way to minimise the negative environmental and social impacts of my wardrobe. From wastewater emissions to air pollution and energy consumption, the textile industry weighs heavily on the environment. There are also the social impacts to consider, with child labour and sweat shops sadly still being one of the key ingredients in cheap fashion and those bargain 2 for 1 specials. Buying pre-loved is a bit like treasure hunting.... Read more →

I recently discovered there’s a bucket list for childhood - 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾. The list of 50 outdoor activities aims to “encourage kids to get mucky, discover their wild side and most of all enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer”. It includes essential childhood activities like climb a tree, roll down a really big hill, make a mud pie, and cook on a campfire. I think there’s another list – Minor accidents every child should encounter before departing childhood Perhaps it would look something like this: fall out of a tree stack your bike... Read more →

I love this list of 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4. Kids can sign up at and track their progress achieving each activity. I'm looking forward to helping Little Eco sign up and working our way through the activities she hasn't yet tried. Here's the list of 50 outdoor activities every child should experience: 1. Climb a tree 2. Roll down a really big hill 3. Camp out in the wild 4. Build a den 5. Skim a stone 6. Run around in the rain 7. Fly a kite 8. Catch a fish with a net 9.... Read more →