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Did you know it is possible to wash and re-use canvas panels? If you use water-based washable paints you can simply wash off the original artwork and start again. Re-using canvas panels this way is especially good for kids paintings. Little eco has one panel she has painted three times. Read more →

One of my favourite tastes of summer is sweet corn. I’ve been buying fresh corn from a local farm gate and we’ve been enjoying it almost daily. Sadly the sweet corn season is nearing an end. From April, the price of Australian sweet corn starts to climb and unpackaged fresh sweet corn becomes rare. Luckily, it’s easy to preserve a little bit of summer’s flavour by freezing corn. Read more →

I wonder how many gobsmacking beautiful or amazing moments we miss while we’re racing through our days preoccupied with tasks and schedules. A recent moment reminded me that there’s a whole lot out there to experience – as long as I slow down and notice. A few branches broke off my potted fig tree. Rather than let them go to waste I decided to plant them as cuttings. Wanting to try willow water, a homemade rooting solution that improves the chances of a cutting growing roots, my daughter and I headed to a nearby creek in search of willow branches.... Read more →

Opportunities for the public to contribute to genuine scientific research have exploded in recent years. I love that Citizen Science, where everyday people voluntarily contribute to the collection and analysis of data, actively engages the general public in nature conservation. Citizen scientists can collect climate change data, test water quality, monitor sea level, spot marine species, survey birds in their own backyard, and can even help marine researchers understand what whales are saying, just to name a few of the hundreds of citizen science projects on offer. I’m particularly envious of the opportunity Australian Capital Territory residents have to borrow... Read more →

Making changes, even for the better, can be hard. Most of us know that we should be favouring local sustainable food, reducing the amount of stuff we buy, and carrying our reusable drink bottle or coffee cup with us. But these changes can be an effort until they become a habit. I’ve found that setting myself a challenge is a great way to help the change become a habit. I like that challenges push me beyond my comfort zone and that afterwards I settle into somewhere better than before. Last year our household skipped supermarkets, shopping malls and super chains.... Read more →