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Parenting is one area I’m yet to apply the ‘less is more’ philosophy. Realistically, I’m an over-protective mum who worries unnecessarily about something happening to my child. Apparently I’m not alone. Parental anxiety has been hypothesised to be increasing in Australia, resulting in a decline in childhood activities such as walking to school or playing outdoors. I’d like to lighten up and adopt more of a free-range approach to my parenting. I was inspired a while back by a conversation I had with an elderly farmer. He shared how at only eight years old he’d go bush for days at... Read more →

Most days Little Eco and I stumble across something unusual. Slime mold, turtle shell, fallen eggs, camouflaged moth, and a forest of mushrooms emerging from a cow poo are just some of what we've found recently. These encounters usually lead to a whole lots of playful learning. This week I'm over at Childhood 101 sharing Five steps to nature inspired playful learning. Speaking of elsewhere....I finally created a Little Eco Footprints Facebook page. Read more →

I’m about to start my new veggie garden. The first row is pegged out and I’m deciding whether to dig or not to dig. In the past I’ve preferred not to dig. Not only because digging isn’t much fun, but because using the no dig gardening method you can go from grass to a planted bed in just a few hours (or less). No dig gardens are particularly suited to areas that have poor, contaminated or compacted soil, or even no soil. I once created a productive no dig garden directly on concrete in a small rental courtyard. Making a... Read more →