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January 2013

It’s blueberry season here in the Hunter Valley, time to enjoy these berries fresh. Misty Valley Farm in the lower Hunter lets you pick your own organic blueberries for a fraction of what you would pay at the shops. My daughter and I picked three kilograms of delicious blueberries. Or to be more precise, I picked and she sneaked, with her hand making its way to her mouth more often than the bucket. We devoured handfuls on the drive home and the remainder were destined for the freezer. Blueberries are easy to freeze. I simply toss the berries into a... Read more →

School starts back in only a few weeks so I thought I'd share my recipe for packing fast and healthy waste-free lunch boxes. 1. Follow a template 2. Embrace simple whole foods 3. Add variety by favoring seasonal foods 4. Prepare ahead 5. Have a basic set of quality waste-free containers and wraps. Do you have any tips for making packing waste-free lunches easy? Read more →

My daughter races around our rural property oblivious to the risk of snakes. I don't want her to fear snakes. But I also don't want her to naively run through long grass or pick up rocks and logs. There's a handful of venomous snake species here in the Hunter Region, including the Red-bellied Black Snake, Eastern Brown Snake, Common Death Adder and Tiger Snake. I don't fear snakes myself. But the idea of my child being bitten horrifies me and sees my protective mum mode emerge. "Look ahead of you!" "Stomp!" "Slow down!" "Don't pick that up!" "Put your gumboots... Read more →

I appreciate the value of editing when I tell a story. I try to be ruthless and delete everything that’s unnecessary, ensuring the story is easy to read and the main message is clear. Extra words can clutter and distract. The same goes for our life. Extra commitments and belongings distract us from our intended storyline. I recently came across the idea of life editing, where you revise and correct your life, much like a manuscript. Think about the life you want and eliminate aspects that clutter and don’t contribute to the ideal story. You end up with an easier... Read more →