A feast with a story to tell
It pays to go slow

Spring was....

Spring 2012 was the season...

Going for a bike ride by Little eco footprints

...Little Eco and I started staying regularly at our little farm. Two nights a week we join Daddy Eco in the shed. 

We've fallen in love with the space. Space to run. Space to ride her bike. Space to explore. 

Card made from paperbark_Little eco footprints

...Little Eco started making sweet paperbark cards from the trees near our dam. 

Spring 2012 dry back paddock Little eco footprints

...We discovered just how dry and hot it gets at our little farm. Water is high on our list of priorities.

Spring 2012 our local swiming spot Little eco footprints

 ...Given the heat, trips to a nearby creek became a favourite afternoon activity. 


...I spotted these super cool lights at Berry Markets. I'm planning on making something like this for our shed.  

Spring 2012 shipping container cafe Little eco footprints

Spring 2012 Shipping container strudent accomodation in Canberra Little eco footprints

....our home dreams changed from a rammed earth home to a shipping container home with a roof-top shipping container pool (natural of course - so that it doubles as water storage).

I was thrilled to visit a shipping container cafe in Queanbeyan and to spot student accommodation at ANU made from stacked shipping containers



....we showed Little Eco where her Daddy and I got married


...I traveled loads for work. There were trips to Scone, Deniliquin, Canberra, Sydney and Perth. I enjoyed being part of a '21 Gum salute' and planted a tree at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra. It was a quirky bent threatened plant that coincidentally grows in the wild only near where I grew up. I'm looking forward to watching this tree grow.

Spring 2012 Minimalist packing Little eco footprints

...with all this travel I finally nailed minimalist packing. Little Eco and I travelled to Perth for 6 days with carry-on luggage only. 

...I realised that we can cope (just) with both parents working full time. It will be worth it in the end. It looks like I'll continue working full time for all of next year too. It's a combination of being interested in the work that is available and wanting to reduce our debt a little.  Full-time work is not what I envisaged when we initially bought our little farm - but I'm slowly learning to accept that simple living can be fast and include full-time work (at least for a little while). 

How was Spring for you? Please wish us luck for Summer - at the end of December we move into an uinsulated shed. 

Winter was....