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Festive limits: Too much of a good thing

Don't let fear of uncertainty stop you from following your dreams

Our Little Farm warming party 1

We're finally moving to our little farm this weekend.

Daddy Eco is worried we'll roast in the shed (literally) but all Little Eco and I care about is that we'll be together again and that we'll be living at our little farm. It's home.

The move and many of the other changes happening right now were initiated by Daddy Eco accepting a new job. He left a safe and secure public service position for one that is far from secure. 

It's a change he had been wanting to make for years. But I had dissuaded him because I thought giving up a permanent position was a stupid thing to do. So he plodded along in a job knowing it wasn't his ideal. 

Eventually we decided to risk the uncertainty.

He's happier because he's working in a job he loves; I'm happier because I got my little farm; and Little Eco is happier because she has space to play and explore (and a paddock for a horse). 

I'm glad we didn't let fear of uncertainty stop us from following our dreams. 

Now, all we have to do is embrace the uncertainty. 

Embracing uncertainty by preparing for worst case scenario

The main reason uncertainty is feared is concern that the worst could happen. However, if you identify the worst case scenario and prepare for it, then there's nothing to fear.

For us, worst case scenario is Daddy Eco could lose his job and my short-term work could dry up. This could realistically happen. Indeed, a few months into his new job Daddy Eco managed, by some miracle, to survive a sudden staff cut. 

We are preparing for worse case scenario by reducing debt. We're going to reduce our spending and put every single dollar we can into debt reduction. Having less debt and some savings will give us the freedom to follow our dreams without fear. 

Is fear of uncertainty stopping you from following your dreams?

We recently held a farm-warming party. The kids took off and entertained themselves. The adults sat around and relaxed. And our back paddock was scattered with tents. Perfect! I actually forgot to take a single photo during the party - so only have photos of the morning after (above). Madeline managed to take some pics and I shared pics of some of the farm-warming gifts we received on Instagram - including a bag of poo and a mulberry tree propagated from a nearby historic property.