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December 2012

Over the past few years I’ve gained an appreciation for my most important eco asset. It’s not solar panels, rainwater tanks, or a passively designed home, nor is it local food or public transport. I’ve learnt that my most important eco asset is my health. I often forget how important it is until it fails me. Trying to live a simple, sustainable life does take more time and energy. Usually I don’t mind. I enjoy cooking from scratch rather than eating processed packaged food. I like visiting the greengrocer, butcher and farmers market rather than the supermarket and I’d rather... Read more →

Overflowing recycling bins are a common sight during the festive season. Indeed, the bin pictured is mine from a few Christmases ago. It is easy to look at this recycled bounty and congratulate ourselves for being great recyclers. However, this mountain of packaging is a sign that something is wrong. When it comes to recycling, we can have too much of a good thing. We should be trying to put less into those recycling bins, not more. The common saying "reduce, reuse, recycle" is a hierarchy expressing the order of importance of these ideas. Read more →

Don't let fear of uncertainty stop you from following your dreams. The main reason uncertainty is feared is concern that the worst could happen. However, if you identify the worst case scenario and prepare for it, then there's nothing to fear. Read more →

Many of us will head off on a car trip at some stage during the festive season. I used to dread long car trips, but a change in attitude, a little planning, some snacks and a thermos of tea (just like my Gran used to pack) have helped me embrace the journey. I've learnt to love slow travel. The concept of slow travel is part of the slow movement - a movement that advocates a cultural shift toward slowing down life's pace. Slow travel is about engaging with communities along the route and not letting the anticipation of arrival undermine... Read more →

Spring 2012 was the season... ...Little Eco and I started staying regularly at our little farm. Two nights a week we join Daddy Eco in the shed. We've fallen in love with the space. Space to run. Space to ride her bike. Space to explore. ...Little Eco started making sweet paperbark cards from the trees near our dam. ...We discovered just how dry and hot it gets at our little farm. Water is high on our list of priorities. ...Given the heat, trips to a nearby creek became a favourite afternoon activity. ...I spotted these super cool lights at Berry... Read more →