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November 2012

We're ready for a calm and creative countdown to Christmas. We made our advent calender, like last year and the year before, from fallen leaves. This year we collected the leaves and bark from our little farm - making it extra special. We'll be on the move a lot in the lead up to Christmas, between our urban home, our little farm, and a few days farm sitting. So we're taking the calender with us - and have hung it in our van. Each day of the month corresponds to a fun nature play or craft activity. I've chosen quick... Read more →

I'm refusing to get caught up in the chaos and commercialisation that typically accompanies Christmas. Instead I’m aiming to slow down and embrace "less is more". There’ll be less rushing around and more time with family. My first step in distancing ourselves from the commercialisation of Christmas is our advent calendar. Our calendar won’t be fancy or purchased. Nor will there be any toys or chocolates to mark each day. Instead I’m continuing a tradition of using fallen leaves to create a natural advent calendar. Each number will correspond to a quick nature play or craft activity that we’ll do... Read more →

I was dreading yesterday. I had to drive three hours return just to drop something off. What a waste of time (& petrol!). Then I changed my attitude. Instead of dreading the trip I turned it into an adventure. I kept Little Eco home from preschool and dragged her along. We did the drop-off and then visited Hunter Valley Zoo. She especially liked the Kangaroos and Wallabies and I especially liked the Flying Foxes. We also discovered that Deer will eat absolutely anything - including the hat off your head and the dress off your back. Perhaps you could turn... Read more →

I’ve been dreaming of a kitchen garden bursting with herbs, rows upon rows of seasonal produce, and a food forest overflowing with citrus, berries and nuts. We are moving from our urban Newcastle home "up the valley" to a small rural Hunter Valley property for a tree change. I’m excited that I’ll have ample space to grow food. However, my initial enthusiasm has morphed into overwhelm. There’s a water supply to organise, our soil is degraded and hydrophobic and I somehow need to protect our garden from rabbits and kangaroos. Not knowing where to start, I contact local sustainable farming... Read more →

There's a lot of change happening for me at the moment. We're moving from a comfy urban home to a rural shed and then a temporary tiny home. We're trying to let go of all our 'stuff'. I'm finishing up in a public service position I've held for 14 years and instead of juggling two jobs will focus on my work-from-home job with a not-for-profit I'm passionate about. I'm also starting a regular weekly column in our local paper The Newcastle Herald. I'll be a columist. Eeep! My column will be titled 'Less is More'. I'm excited about the opportunity... Read more →