Starting small
All I want for Christmas is a good dose of calm

Turning a chore into an adventure

I was dreading yesterday. I had to drive three hours return just to drop something off. What a waste of time (& petrol!). 

Hunter Valley Zoo 1

Then I changed my attitude. Instead of dreading the trip I turned it into an adventure. I kept Little Eco home from preschool and dragged her along. We did the drop-off and then visited Hunter Valley Zoo

Hunter Valley Zoo 2

Hunter valley Zoo 3

She especially liked the Kangaroos and Wallabies and I especially liked the Flying Foxes. 

Hunter valley Zoo 5

Hunter Valley Zoo 6

Hunter valley Zoo 7

We also discovered that Deer will eat absolutely anything - including the hat off your head and the dress off your back. 

Perhaps you could turn your next chore into an adventure?