Balancing crazy fast and slow living
Starting small


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There's a lot of change happening for me at the moment. 

We're moving from a comfy urban home to a rural shed and then a temporary tiny home.  

We're trying to let go of all our 'stuff'. 

I'm finishing up in a public service position I've held for 14 years and instead of juggling two jobs will focus on my work-from-home job with a not-for-profit I'm passionate about. 

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I'm also starting a regular weekly column in our local paper The Newcastle Herald. I'll be a columist. Eeep! My column will be titled 'Less is More'. 

I'm excited about the opportunity share the idea of simple living with a broader audience, but also extremely nervous. How will I churn out good content each week? 

My column will appear each Saturday in the Weekender Magazine insert starting from this Saturday. For locals, it will be where Gina Cransons Backyard column was. I'm going to miss Gina's column as it was the first page I turned to each Saturday. I have no idea how I'm going to fill her creative proverbial shoes.

I'll simultaneously publish each column here at Little Eco Footprints. For the remainder of the year, while I juggle full-time work and the column, my column will 'recycle' some content from Little Eco Footprints. So to long-term and regular readers, I apologise for the repitition. I promise I'll feature new and fresh content in the new year. 

While I'm on the topic of the Newcastle Herald - they featured Little Eco Footprints a few weeks back in an article titled Less is Moreish. I thought Gina did a great job of selling the less is more message. 

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And there's one more change. I've welcomed three sponsors to this space. You'll see their buttons over on the right. There's Eco Toys, Biome, and Echolife Australia. I'm not accepting cash for sponsorship. Instead I've bartered products with companies I know and love. I figure that if they don't sell something I need then I shouldn't be promoting them. 

For the next three months I'm going to limit the number of sponsors to three. After all, going green is not about buying green, so I don't want to feature too many promotional posts. 

Has there been much change in your life recently? Are you good at embracing change? 

The one change I'm struggling with is letting go of 'stuff' - so I particularly enjoyed Rachel Meeks recent post on Fear is Not a Good Reason to Keep Old Junk