Is this taking my preference for ‘natural’ toys too far?

Balancing crazy fast and slow living

Nature play 1

I love all things slow. Slow living. Slow food. Slow travel. Slow fashion. Slow parenting. A slow home.

When living slow I connect more fully with others and the impact of my actions.

Slow Living addresses the desire to lead a more balanced life and to pursue a more holistic sense of well being in the fullest sense of the word. In addition to the personal advantages, there are potential environmental benefits as well. When we slow down, we often use fewer resources and produce less waste, both of which have a lighter impact on the earth.  Beth Meredith & Eric Storm

Doing less is important to me because I believe wanting to do too much is almost as toxic as wanting too much stuff.

But every now and then I embrace crazy fast

I'm learning to accept that crazy fast is OK - for a while. 

I'm learning to accept that it's the calm between the chaos that matters and that it's possible to be a mindful mum in a busy world

I've just returned from a two week work trip. It was a crazy busy trip. I helped organise a conference and then ran two workshops. I worked almost continuously for the entire two weeks and am exhausted.

But I also had an absolute ball. I met loads of inspiring people and helped raise awareness of the effective conservation of Australia's unique native vegetation. 

The crazy fast was worth it. 

Now I'm balancing the crazy fast by embracing slow

Nature play 2

Little Eco and I enjoyed an afternoon of slow nature play the day I returned home. I bought a pair of feather fairy wings for only 50 cents from the Op shop and told her we could play all afternoon. 

Nature play 3

We headed down to our empty dam for some mud play. 

Nature play 5

Nature play 6

A few hours of love bombing and crazy mud play and all the crazy fast is forgotten.

What is your favourite way to reconnect and slow down after living fast?