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Five other uses for my 'Homemade moisturising body bar'


One of my most shared posts is my 'Homemade moisturising body bar recipe'. Have you tried it? It's good. 

I thought I'd share five other ways I use this body bar: 

#1.  As a barrier to prevent henna dying my skin, when dying my hair with henna. I apply it along my hairline. It works a treat and is petrochemical free, unlike Vaseline.

#2.  As a lip balm. I've put a little in an old lip balm tub. It's delicious and nourishing. 

#3.  As a face moisturiser on cold winter evenings or really cold days. I put a small amount (about the size of an pea) in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together until it melts and then smooth my hands over my face. 

#4.  To protect hands while gardening. It also makes hands and nails easier to clean afterwards. 

#5.  As a hair wax to calm frizzy and dry hair. I melt a small amount in the palm of my hand, like when using it as a face moisturiser, and then brush my hands through my hair. 

I'm hitting the road today. I'm off to run workshops on the management and identification of native vegetation in Scone and Deniliquin. Little Eco is having a holiday at my Mums for two weeks while I'm travelling. I'm missing her already, but on the other hand I'm bouncing with excitement at the idea of two weeks doing something I absolutely love and not having to look after a husband or child. Two weeks of just being just me. 

I hope you find a few moments to be 'just you' too.