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Quiet time pantry pampering

Wearing honey and banana face mask

Little Eco and I are embracing pantry pampering. We recently enjoyed a honey and banana face mask. We mixed a mashed banana with honey, then jumped in the bath and slathered it all over our face. The vitamins in bananas are known to improve complexion and even smooth wrinkles (perhaps I should wear this mask more often!) and when combined with honey hydrates your skin. 

Skin benefits aside, our pantry pampering moments are more about time together than the beauty benefits.

I've discovered that pantry pampering is a great way to calm Little Eco down and trick her into quiet time. I'll head to the kitchen and grab a handful of oats for a nourishing porridge bath, or some honey and yoghurt for a moisturising face mask, or whip up a banana milkshake hair mask. Thirty minutes later, and after lots of giggles about putting food on our face, she's calm and relaxed. 

Are you a fan of pantry pampering? Whats your favourite way of tricking kids into quiet time?

I'm enjoying Maria Hannaford's free natural beauty guide. Its full of loads of pantry pampering inspiration, like using tahini as a face mask for dry skin. It's free if you sign up for Econest's friday newsletter