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August 2012

What I'm loving most about time at our little farm is that nature is easy to connect with. I struggle to find time to connect with nature when living in the city. It feels unnatural and forced. I have to set ourselves challenges like our Urban Adventure to squeeze a few moments with nature into our day. Whereas when we are at our little farm, nature is everywhere. We stumble across it, literally.... On our way to the swings early on Sunday morning Little Eco and I nearly trod on this nest of eggs. Can you see it? The eggs... Read more →

I’ve had the pleasure of a peeking into the lifestyle of a few small farm families recently. I enjoy being inspired by stories online – but nothing compares to real life inspiration. Or in my case, a real life reality check. I'll continue to work once we move to our little farm. Thankfully one of my jobs is a work from home position, which means I can live in a rural area and continue working in a position I enjoy. But it does mean 'the farm chores' will need to fit into the few hours before 8.30am and after 4pm.... Read more →