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Sweets for my sweet - Orange & honey jelly

Orange and honey jelly 2

Did you realise that you can add gelatin to fruit juice to make jelly? We've been using some of the Bulga oranges we recently picked to make orange and honey jelly. 

The jelly is delicious and contains nothing more than orange juice, honey to sweeten, and gelatin. We sometimes add fruit, like the passionfruit we added to the above batch.

I haven't looked at the ingredients for packet jelly lately - but I'm certain it would include loads of sugar and a few artificial colours. 

Orange and honey jelly in orange skins

I've also discovered another use for orange peel - little jelly moulds. 

To make fruit juice jelly

You'll need juice, sweetener (honey or sugar), and gelatine (or agar agar for a vegan version). I use gelatin leaf but I assume powdered gelatine would work just as well. 

Simply follow the instructions on your packet of gelatine. For gelatine leaf I soak the leaves (12 leaves for 1 litre of liquid) in water for 5 minutes. Meanwhile I warm the juice and add a little honey. The gelatine sheets are squeezed to remove all the water and added to the warm juice. Stir until dissolved and then pour into a container to set.