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In love with the morning milking ritual

Introducing Foraging Friday

Foraged roadside apples

I get a buzz out of foraging for food. I love that foraged food is free, has super low food miles, and provides yet another alternative to buying food from the supermarket. It also seems absurd to ignore these local food sources.

Foraging for blackberries

I believe there’s more to ‘the buzz’ than simply knowing the advantages of foraged food. I sense an almost primal urge to gather and forage.

Foraged Purslane

There are a number of foods I’m comfortable foraging, like Purslane (shown above), New Zealand Spinach (shown below), Blackberries and fruit from abandoned trees, but I’d like to expand the foods I forage. I’m particularly keen to learn more about foraging for native foods - bush tucker.

Picking warrigal greens

As part of my quest to learn more about foraging I’ll be sharing a Foraging Friday post each fortnight – on the second and fourth Friday of each month.

Each fortnight I’ll share what I have learnt about how to forage, prepare, and cook a particular foraged food.

Foraging for prickly pear fruit

I’ll be back next Friday to share what I have learnt about foraging for Prickly Pear.

Do you forage? Would you like to join me in learning more about foraging? At the end of each Foraging Friday post I’ll invite you to join me by sharing a recent foraging experience in the comment section or by leaving a link to your own Foraging Friday post.