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Living without stuff and other inspiring reads

Inspiring reads from June 2012

The stories that have inspired me lately reflect what has been on my mind.

Mud play kitchen

Little Eco's new mud kitchen

I'm loving watching Little Eco explore our new property, but still can't help but spy on her the entire time, so I enjoyed Childhood 101's Stepping back and Simple Mom's Letting them run wild.

We'll be living in a shed and caravan for all of next year while our home is built. Most of our stuff will be stored away and we'll have to live a fairly minimalist lifestyle, otherwise we won't fit in the shed. I'm actually really excited about a year unburdened by stuff, so I could relate to Whole Larder Love's post about Stuff…..and the downfall of the first world. Despite wanting to live unburdened by stuff, I also like buying old stuff, so loved Cityhippyfarmgirl's post on Old stuff is the new....well new.

Soule Mama's Garden evolution had me dreaming about the evolution of my own new garden. I've also been wondering whether I could really eat an animal I've raised so Itty Bitty Impact's Sunday dinner provided plenty of food for thought.

I've continued to daydream about collecting wee so enjoyed Urine, Peak Phosphorous and on-farm Nutrient Cycling by Milkwood and The pee and poo show.

Foraging has also been on my mind lately (I'll reveal why this Friday) so Rachel's post on How to forage for wild edibles with kids was timely.

What has inspired you lately?