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I don’t want her to feel guilty about doing nothing

I don’t want her to feel guilty for doing nothing

Little Eco woke up tired and cold yesterday and didn’t want to get out of bed. She begged to say home from preschool.

After ruling out there being any other reason for her not wanting to go to preschool I let her stay home – on the condition that she stay in bed until morning tea. She excitedly agreed.

She kept her side of the bargain and relaxed in bed reading and talking to herself. She left the bedroom a couple of hours later relaxed, bubbly and happy.

I usually feel guilty when doing nothing. I know I shouldn’t. I know I rush around way too much and relax way too little. I need to learn the art of doing nothing.

Hopefully Little Eco will grow up knowing that doing nothing is not something to be guilty about.

On the topic of want I want for Little Eco, I wrote recently over at Childhood 101 about wanting her to know that happiness is something she can create. It’s not something she can buy.

Do you feel guilty about doing nothing or is doing nothing something you are good at doing?