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When the weird becomes normal


I realised the other day that many of the sustainable living choices I’ve made -that may seem weird to some - seem totally normal to Little Eco.

I was in a rush recently and instead of washing my face with honey I squirted some castile soap onto a wet washer. Castile soap is a gentle vegetable oil based liquid soap. I use it as a hand wash, but its gentle enough that you can wash your face with it.

Little eco looked at me like I was going crazy and asked “What are you doing!? You’re not supposed to wash your face with soap! You wash it with honey!”.

So I’ve managed to raise a child that thinks washing your face with honey is perfectly normal.

She’ll also probably grow up thinking that skipping the supermarket, avoiding packaged food, foraging food from the side of the road, and ditching disposables is perfectly normal.

Or am I being naievely optimistic? Do your children think some of your 'weirder' sustainable living choices are normal?