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Do you really not have time to cook dinner from scratch....

Veggies topped with grated cheese and served with nuts

....or are you just aiming too high?

Meals have been simple around here lately. Last night we had steamed veggies topped with grated cheese, a handful of nuts and seeds, and diced orange topped with yoghurt for dessert. The whole meal took less than ten minutes to prepare and created very few dirty dishes.

The night before we had steamed veggies again, but topped with poached eggs instead of cheese. It was actually pretty tasty. It took less time to prepare than it would have taken me to cook something processed or to buy take-away.

Nothing fancy. But really, do all our meals have to be gourmet?

Frittata or steamed seasonal veggies topped with some sort of protein are my go-to-meals when I don't have much time. What's yours?