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....or are you just aiming too high? Meals have been simple around here lately. Last night we had steamed veggies topped with grated cheese, a handful of nuts and seeds, and diced orange topped with yoghurt for dessert. The whole meal took less than ten minutes to prepare and created very few dirty dishes. The night before we had steamed veggies again, but topped with poached eggs instead of cheese. It was actually pretty tasty. It took less time to prepare than it would have taken me to cook something processed or to buy take-away. Nothing fancy. But really, do... Read more →

The cold winter weather has wrecked havoc on my skin so I decided to enjoy some pantry pampering last night. I made a lime, coconut and salt exfoliating face scrub by combining the juice of 1 lime (lemon will work just as well), a teaspoon of coconut oil and enough salt to soak up all the liquid. I also made a moisturising honey and yoghurt face mask by combining around a tablespoon each of honey and yoghurt. My skin feels delicious ;-) What's your favourite pantry pampering recipe? Read more →

Compost hot-tub

There's currently no hot water or electricity at our little farm. I'm actually enjoying not having any power, especially when it's combined with no mobile reception. But I must admit hot water would be nice. Last week I went three days without a shower - not something I want to repeat every week. Today I stumbled across the perfect temporary solution - a compost hot tub! Those of you reading this via email will need to pop over to the blog (by clicking on the post title) to view the above video. The video shares how to create a hot-tub... Read more →

I realised the other day that many of the sustainable living choices I’ve made -that may seem weird to some - seem totally normal to Little Eco. I was in a rush recently and instead of washing my face with honey I squirted some castile soap onto a wet washer. Castile soap is a gentle vegetable oil based liquid soap. I use it as a hand wash, but its gentle enough that you can wash your face with it. Little eco looked at me like I was going crazy and asked “What are you doing!? You’re not supposed to wash... Read more →

I was daydreaming recently about how cool it would be to have a compost toilet that collected urine. Wondering why I’d want to collect urine? Urine is high in nitrogen and a super good fertiliser. Apparently a family of four can produce the equivalent of a 50kg bag of NPK fertilizer from urine alone every year. But instead of collecting it we flush it down the loo, along with nutrient rich humanure, and then manufacture resource-hungry synthetic fertiliser. To make it even worse we flush those resources down the loo with up to 12 litres of clean drinking water. What... Read more →