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Do you have a dream you’ve abandoned?

Fishing in the dam

I abandoned a dream of owning my own rural property years ago. I’ve wanted to live close to nature and grow my own food for as long as I can remember. But owning more than a backyard seemed like too much hard work. I warmed to our convenient and easy urban lifestyle. Good friends, like-minded community, diversity, opportunities, and plenty to see and do.

I convinced myself that I could fulfil my needs here in the city and we renovated our home like it was our forever home. We had no intentions of moving and were happy.

Off to fish again

Then Daddy Eco was offered a new job. It would have been easy to say 'thanks but no thanks' and continue as we were. We very nearly did.

But we spotted an opportunity. An opportunity for Daddy Eco to have his dream job. For me to have my little farm. And for Little Eco to enjoy a little more freedom to explore and create.

I also acknowledged a sense of regret that I felt about not fulfilling a dream.

Sharing fish caught

Having an ‘out’ made jumping easier

We put a time frame on the move. Seven years. The duration of Little Eco’s primary schooling. We decided that if things didn’t work out then we’ll move back. In the scheme of things seven years didn't seem too long so we embraced the opportunity.

Thankfully we found a property that ticked all our boxes.

As big as they get

We’ve just spent our first weekend at that property and have fallen well-and-truly in love.

We know we've made the right decision.

The star of the weekend was definitely the dams. Little Eco and her friends delighted in catching water bugs, fresh water shrimps and even teeny fish.

Do you have a dream you’ve abandoned because it all seems too hard?