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Compost hot-tub

There's currently no hot water or electricity at our little farm. I'm actually enjoying not having any power, especially when it's combined with no mobile reception. But I must admit hot water would be nice. Last week I went three days without a shower - not something I want to repeat every week.

Today I stumbled across the perfect temporary solution - a compost hot tub!

Those of you reading this via email will need to pop over to the blog (by clicking on the post title) to view the above video.

The video shares how to create a hot-tub that is heated by compost. I'm seriously going to try this!

The video is one of the finalists in the Peoples Choice Awards for The Green Screen: Climate Fix Flicks competition. The competition is a new initiative being launched by Climate Scientists from Macquarie University, The University of Melbourne and Monash Sustainability Institute. Their goal is to raise awareness of the opportunities and positive effects of moving the world towards a low carbon future. You can view the ten finalists and vote in the Peoples Choice Awards here. Which is your favourite?