Compensation, bribery, or living vicariously through my child?
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Are you shopping at the supermarket less these days?


The Little Eco Footprints family is now four and a half months into the skipping the supermarket challenge - skipping supermarkets, shopping malls and super chains.

Until a month or so ago the challenge was a bit of a non-issue and was a restriction we hardly noticed. We've continued to get a weekly veggie box through a Community Supported Agriculture farm and regularly pop into our local greengrocer for dairy and fruit. I get pantry staples like nuts, dried fruit, pulses and rice through a local mum-run bulk-buying club (who orders from Honest to Goodness) and we can usually find anything else we need at either the farmer’s markets or one of the local organic food stores in our neighbourhood.


I've even started buying goats milk in recycled bottles direct from a local farm.

But everything went down-hill the morning after one particularly tough training walk. At 6am the following morning I pleaded with Daddy Eco to pop into the supermarket to buy some bacon, orange juice and epsom salts. He spotted an opportunity and returned shortly after with my requests, along with almost 100 rolls of toilet paper, a couple of HUGE boxes of weet bix and a jar of vegemite. The check-out girl asked him if he was having a party. That would be one weird party!?

I've also broken the 'shopping malls' and 'super chains' bit of the challenge too. All Little Eco wanted for her recent birthday was a mermaid outfit. I couldn't find any suitable fabric in my stash nor at the couple of op shops I visited. So I popped into Spotlight and Little Eco chose some suitably sparkly material. Fast forward to the day before her birthday and I still hadn't found the time or energy to make the costume. So I sent my Mum off to a super chain toy store in a nearby shopping mall to buy a mass-produced and branded mermaid outfit. Definitely a low point!

Since then we've given in to the supermarket urge a couple of times, but we're determined to get back on track from now on.

How about you? Are you skipping supermarkets, shopping malls and super-chains? Or are you shopping less at the supermarket these days?

Feel free to leave a link to any posts you have written about changing the way you shop or the skipping the supermarket challenge in the comments section so that we can pop over and read about how you are going.

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