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Compensation, bribery, or living vicariously through my child?

Her first horse riding lesson

I’m pretty certain we’re doing the right thing moving to the country. And even if we're not – we can always move back.

However, every now and then a sense of uncertainty hits me. Is it fair to drag our only child out to a regional area away from her friends? Will she make new friends? What will she do after school? Will she be lonely?

Lately I’ve found myself encouraging a love she’s always had for horses.

‘Perhaps you can get your own pony’.

‘Imagine – you could even ride your horse to school. How cool would that be!’

We even gave her a proper horse riding lesson for her birthday. There she is above on her first trot. Our usually reserved girl headed off for the lesson without a backward glance. She hardly looked our way the entire time and was lost in her own world. She’s fallen well and truly in love.

Hang on!! What am I doing?! Horses are expensive. And a lot of work.

I gave it some more thought and realised I was likely trying to compensate for dragging her out bush. Or am I trying to bribe her into being happy about moving to the country? Or worse still, am I trying to live vicariously through my child?

Either way – I’ve decided that a hobby that gets my daughter outdoors and fills her with confidence has to be a good thing.

I’m trying to convince Daddy Eco that an interest in horses delays interest in boys by a few years. Anyone else out there willing to support my theory?

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