Why pushing yourself to your limits is sometimes a good thing
Wildendurance - tomorrow i'll be walking 100km for the Wilderness Society

Wordless Week (3 weeks until...)

Baiame Cave, Milbrodale. NSW

Foraging for Prickly Pear fruit

Making Labnah - yoghurt cheese

Green Smoothie

Frigal snack time - Popcorn!

Wildendurance Training, Milbrodale, NSW

I'm having a blog break while I simplify my life in the lead-up to Wildendurance (only 3 weeks to go). However, I couldn't resist a quick wordless week post, sharing a few images from my week.

Intrigued by an image and want to know more? Click on each image to be taken to a little more information.

Thank you to those who have sponsored me in Wildendurence! Your generosity is helping to make the pain worthwhile (I'm about to lose a toe nail!).