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Wordless Week (3 weeks until...)

I'm having a blog break while I simplify my life in the lead-up to Wildendurance (only 3 weeks to go). However, I couldn't resist a quick wordless week post, sharing a few images from my week. Intrigued by an image and want to know more? Click on each image to be taken to a little more information. Thank you to those who have sponsored me in Wildendurence! Your generosity is helping to make the pain worthwhile (I'm about to lose a toe nail!). Read more →

That's me on the left and my Wildendurance team mates. In four weeks our team 'Just us' will be walking 100km in less than 36 hours to raise funds for the Wilderness Society. It's a crazy challenge that is already pushing me to my physical and mental limits. But it is so so worth it. Why I am happy to walk 100km for the Wilderness Society I truly believe that we can't rely on our governments to save the environment (and that's coming from someone who's been working for government in the conservation field for almost 15 years). I agree... Read more →

Holding my breath and hoping.....

There's a few big changes happening for the Little Eco Footprints household. Some of these changes are now certain and some are nearly so. I'm holding my breath and hoping that everything comes together as planned. I'll share more once everything becomes a little more certain, but these pictures will likely hint at one of the changes. Cross your fingers and toes for us..... Read more →