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Holding my breath and hoping.....

Why do I still have moments of mindless consumption?

(very) pre-loved ballet shoes

I enjoy mindful consumption. I love the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with consciously making a wise purchase.

Even a small purchase like buying local milk, makes me happy because I know my money is supporting a local business that treats their cows kindly.

Mindful consumption takes time, but I know the benefits are worth the effort.

Little Eco started ballet a few weeks ago. Part of me wanted to race out and buy her a new leotard, skirt and shoes straight away. I nearly did. All it would have taken was one trip to the shops and we would have been done. Instead, we've been searching through the second hand box at the studio each week. We found a leotard and a gorgeous hand-made skirt that someone had lovingly made, each for only a few dollars.

The shoes have taken a little longer.

Little Eco wore bare feet to class for the first two weeks. Then we discovered these very pre-loved ballet shoes in the box. They were free. They've been painted yellow at some stage, have a few holes, and the elastic was worn.

Despite their 'character', Little Eco was thrilled that we'd found her a pair of ballet shoes.

(very) pre-loved ballet shoes & pre-loved ballet skirt

I replaced the elastic and she proudly wore them to the following class, even though every other girl wore pink shoes. I was so proud of her.

Hopefully we'll discover a pair of pink shoes in the box in the next few weeks. I'm pleased that Little Eco is learning to wait and I know she is going to appreciate them when they appear.

Now contrast that warm and fuzzy experience with the following recent moment of mindless consumption.....

MIndless consumption - plastic bubble blower at the local show

We visited our local show recently. Little Eco enjoyed a few rides and we wandered through the animal and craft displays. Little Eco asked repeatedly for a plastic bubble making machine. There were kids everywhere blowing bubbles. In a moment of tiredness we gave in and bought her one.

I felt regret straight away. $10! What a waste of money. All that plastic, and even a battery, when we could have easily made our own.

Not unexpectedly, the bubble machine broke within a few hours causing Little Eco more grief than enjoyment.

Why do I still have moments of mindless consumption? Is it feeling tired, lazy, impatient or greedy? Whatever the cause, I'm pleased that moments of mindless consumption are becoming fewer. I know they give me no joy, so why go there?

How about you? Do you still have moments of mindless consumption?