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Learning to live better with less

Less is more no matter what you want to call it: voluntary simplicity, frugal living, simple living, minimalism, green living

The optimist in me senses change. I sense a move away from our current materialistic and highly consumptive society to one that is happier, more equitable and far kinder on the environment.

Do you sense it too? Are you overwhelmed by all your stuff, obligations and workload? Do you want to learn how to live better with less?

I’m running a workshop on learning to live better with less.

Where: Fair Share Festival, Newcastle NSW

When: This weekend, 11.30 am Saturday 10th March.

The focus of the workshop is that going green isn’t about buying green – it’s about NOT buying.

I’ll be sharing tips on:

  • reducing consumption
  • alternatives to buying
  • frugal and sustainable shopping (incl. tips on skipping the supermarket)
  • reducing the cost and environmental impact of your food
  • waste reduction in the home

The workshop will be interactive and participants will leave with a few simple actions in mind to help them live better with less.

I’d love to see you there. Bring a friend and check out the other workshops and presentations on at the Fair Share Festival.