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Why do I still have moments of mindless consumption?

I enjoy mindful consumption. I love the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with consciously making a wise purchase. Even a small purchase like buying local milk, makes me happy because I know my money is supporting a local business that treats their cows kindly. Mindful consumption takes time, but I know the benefits are worth the effort. Little Eco started ballet a few weeks ago. Part of me wanted to race out and buy her a new leotard, skirt and shoes straight away. I nearly did. All it would have taken was one trip to the shops and we... Read more →

The Little Eco Footprints household is avoiding packaged breakfast cereals in an effort to save money, reduce packaging and minimise food miles. We used to buy weet-bix, rice bubbles or muesli every now and then, but now that we're skipping the supermarket that's not an option. There's some packaged cereals at our local organic food store, but they are super expensive and many are imported. Little Eco has been relatively easy to cater for. I’ve built up a long list of kid friendly alternatives to packaged breakfast cereals. I shared my top ten easy and healthy breakfast choices for kids... Read more →

A tour of northern NSW land-sharing communities is planned for 8th - 21st of April. The tour will visit 4-5 different land sharing co-operatives, including Goolawah and Bundadgen. What an exciting opportunity to learn more about intentional communities. The Hunter Valley eco village project sadly stalled a while back due to land-use planning complications. Daddy Eco and I decided not to be part of the project about a fortnight before it stalled because we were uncomfortable with how fast things were moving. We discovered that building a community is something that can’t be rushed. I wanted to talk to members... Read more →

Organic farm birthday parties

Purple Pear organic farm hosted their first kids birthday party recently. I had the pleasure of helping Kate run the party. The party was simple, waste-free, natural, preservative-free and best of all the birthday girls' parents didn't have to organise a thing. The food was simple - fruit kebabs, pop corn and vegetable sticks and hummus. A natural cordial was served in old glass soda stream bottles. The gorgeous sweet bees drink labels printed on recycled paper are from you make do™ and inspired a sweet bees party kit. A special birthday chair was dedicated to gift opening. Kate re-purposed... Read more →

Learning to live better with less: My presentation notes from the Fair Share Festival

I ran a workshop on Learning to Live Better with Less at the Fair Share Festival here in Newcastle on Saturday. I had loads of fun. Thank you to those who came along. As promised to participants, you can download a handout of my presentation slides here (It’s over 2 MB so may take a few moments to download). Want more information? Many of the topics discussed have been covered here at Little Eco Footprints in the past. Use the search button to the right to search through previous posts or leave a question below. The resilient wisdom of elders... Read more →