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Why do I still have moments of mindless consumption?

Easy and healthy alternatives to packaged breakfast cereal

The Little Eco Footprints household is avoiding packaged breakfast cereals in an effort to save money, reduce packaging and minimise food miles. We used to buy weet-bix, rice bubbles or muesli every now and then, but now that we're skipping the supermarket that's not an option. There's some packaged cereals at our local organic food store, but they are super expensive and many are imported.


Little Eco has been relatively easy to cater for. I’ve built up a long list of kid friendly alternatives to packaged breakfast cereals. I shared my top ten easy and healthy breakfast choices for kids over at Childhood 101 today. I even admitted that I serve desserts, like the above chocolate avocado pudding and my chocolate banana ice-cream, for breakfast. 

Me - I mostly eat porridge or steamed vegetables topped with a poached egg.

Daddy Eco has been much harder to cater for and i'm starting to realise I need to take his grumblings seriously. He used to eat store-bought muesli, but this year he has been eating home-made natural muesli. We simply toss some nuts, dried fruit and seeds in with some rolled oats. We make a new batch every few weeks. But he's getting a bit bored with that so i'm going to make a batch of toasted muesli/granola this weekend. Do you make your own muesli? Or do you know of any other types of home made cereal? I think i'll try something similar to this granola or this nut and seed granola?

Head on over to Childhood 101 for my top ten easy and healthy alternatives to packaged breakfast cereal for kids