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Slow Living Diary {January 2012}

Skipping the supermarket and thoughts on 'outsourcing working mums' and 'DIY punk housewives'

Quick week day vegetarian meal. Zucchini and corn patties.

Skipping the Supermarket Challenge Update

We thankfully breezed through our first month of the skipping the supermarket challenge. I thought I needed something from the supermarket a few times, but then found I could do without, make it myself, or use a substitute.

I've been trying to remember to take photos of our meals to proove that we're not missing anything. I hope to share them all at some stage. The above is zucchini fritters, with local olives bought from Organic Feast, home made tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes from a friends garden (thanks Monique!), and cucumbers and onion from our Purple Pear CSA box. The zucchini fritters have become a new weekday favourite.

Speaking of weekday favourites, have you been following Linda's Tuesday Night Vego Challenge? I've been loving all the super fast seasonal vegetarian recipes being shared each week.

I'm thrilled to see a number of families joining us in the challenge. So far we have Baudains family from Ordinary Eco, Cooper family from The Organic Gypsy, Sarah from Fig nut mum, Kate and Mark from Purple Pear Organics, Tara from MUMedia, Kim from The Little Black Cow Blog, Kirby, Shae from Yay for home, Sara from Star-bright gulls, Kylie from Mealy and I, Kim from The Little Black Cow Blog, and Stacey from the Domestic artisan.

Some are joining for a month, and most for the entire year. I don't mind how long people join in, even if It's just for a week. I remember a time when I was at the supermarket every second day. Leave a comment here if you would like to join us.

Inspiring reads

Have you visited my inspiring reads page recently? I added some great reads there during January.

Calamity Jane's post on Why are we doing this? has been on my mind.

“Right now we need to figure out how to sustainably keep large populations happy and healthy in cities where their concentration is most efficient, we need to come down off of the drug of convenience slowly and explore the genuine possibility of change.…

..If I believe that massive-scale agriculture is defiling our land, and corporate food products are defiling our bodies, I can base our diet instead on whole foods from local farms.

If I believe that using fossil fuels supports global bullying and violence, not to mention environmental degradation, I can make the time to walk and bike whenever possible.

If I believe that the immense resources sucked down and shit out for every piece of plastic crap we think we deserve is inexcusable, I can mend broken things, reuse materials, buy second hand, do without."

You can read the rest of the post here.

I’m in awe at Calamity Jane’s ‘DIY punk housewifery’. But I also want busy working mums like me to feel like the ‘radical political action’ Calamity Jane speaks of is achievable by us too.

Despite being a busy working mum, I manage to achieve much of what Calamity Jane speaks of by outsourcing.

We pay someone to clean our house once a week so that I have time on the weekend to visit the farmers markets and make sauce or jam or yoghurt and so on. We pay someone to grow our food locally so that I don’t have to worry about not having time to get our garden up and running again. I buy ‘handmade by someone else’s hands’ more often than I make myself.

I don’t feel guilty for any of this outsourcing, nor do I think my life is any less sustainable than someone who makes everything themselves and grows their own food.

As I’ve said before (here and here), it’s important that I find 'my sustainable sustainable life'.

The beauty of this journey is that there are many different routes to the same sustainable outcome.

How are you going finding your sustainable sustainable life?

How are the other Skipping the Supermarket challenge participants going with the challenge?