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Where to buy real milk at a fair price in Australia

Udder Farm products including milk in glass bottle

Do the milk wars bother you? Are you frustrated by the way supermarkets treat dairy farmers and milk processors? Would you like your milk to be free of additives and dilution? Do you want to buy real milk but do not know where to buy it?

Thankfully, there are an increasing number of small dairies taking back control from the supermarkets and going out on their own.

You most likely won’t find this milk on supermarket shelves.

If you like the taste of old-fashioned, full-cream milk that hasn’t been homogenised, or you’d prefer milk from cows that have been treated more kindly than usual, you’re more likely to find it as organic milk that has been produced by a small local dairy.Choice, Milk Products Review

Wondering where you can buy this kinder more sustainable milk?

FlavourCrusader maintain a helpful directory of Australian organic, family-owned or independent dairies.

Is there one near you? Are you willing to pay a fair price for your milk?

Those of us in the Hunter Valley can even buy real milk in recyclable glass bottles

Udder Farm non homogenised milk in glass bottle

Local family owned dairy Udder Farm recently started selling its delicious non homogenised full cream milk in glass bottles.

I was excited when I first spotted the glass bottles, thinking that perhaps I'd be able to return the empties for re-using. I spoke to Jamie from Udder Farm about whether they had plans to collect the empties and reuse or recycle them. They do! Udder Farm will shortly start collecting the empties from place of purchase and will return them to the bottle manufacturer for recycling. Unfortunately, the equipment required to wash and sterilise the bottles for re-use (rather than recycling) is cost prohibitive at this stage. But perhaps if we all started buying milk in glass bottles that wouldn't be the case.

Buying in glass is currently more expensive than plastic. Its early days for the glass bottles and production costs are higher. I want to show my support and indicate that I like the glass bottles so each time I buy milk I buy a plastic bottle and a glass bottle. I won't be returning my glass bottles for recycling and instead will reuse them myself. I've found them to be perfect bottles for homemade tomato sauce.

Where to buy Udder Farm milk

{The Fresh Ingredient, Georgetown} {Hunter Valley Growers Market, Charlestown} {Fernleigh Café, Adamstown} {Hunter Organics, Merewether} {Mac's IGA, West Wallsend} (Greenhill's Fresh Fruit, Greenhill's} {Organic Feast, East Maitland} {Tenambit Food Works, Tenambit} {Morpeth Friendly Grocer, Morpeth} {Woodville Store, Woodville} {Seaham Shop, Seaham} {Paterson Friendly Grocer, Paterson} {Soul Foods, Lorn} {Dine & Away, Lochinvar} {Four Stores in Greta} {Branxton IGA, Branxton} {Tommy Tucker, Singleton} {Broke Village Store, Broke} {Not just Apple & Oranges, west Cessnock} {Pk's Old General Store, Cessnock} {Pearson Meats, Weston} {Kurri Hot Bread, Kurri Kurri}

Cafes that use Udder Farm milk

{Estabar} {Juicy Beans} {Austin's Coffee} {Glee Coffee} {Muse restaurant} {Bacuss} {Cracked Pepper} {Momo Wholefood Cafe}

This post is one of a series that will help you skip the supermarket. Perhaps you’ll consider joining the Little Eco Footprints household in skipping supermarkets, shopping malls and super chains? The envionment, your local economy, and Australian farmers will be grateful.

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