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Skipping supermarkets, shopping malls and super chains

Skipping the middle man and a mango icecream recipe

We checked out the Newcastle City Markets a few days before Christmas. These markets distribute wholesale fresh fruit and vegetables to the entire Hunter region. Each morning from 4am they're bustling with greengrocers and restaurateurs picking up their fresh produce.  Thankfully, the markets also open momentarily to the public on Fridays between 9.30am - 11.00am.

Prices are cheap because you're buying directly from the farmer and skipping the middle man.

I can't remember exactly why my dad and sister were laughing in the picture above, but it was most likely that we'd just bought those two trays of mangoes for only $10 each.

Dehydrating mango

With around 40 mangoes ripening within a few days of each other I've been exploring numerous ways to eat and preserve this delicious fruit. We've been eating them fresh, in salad, in smoothies, and on our cereal. I've also amassed a good stash of frozen diced mango, dehydrated a couple, and made mango roll-up. I don't think i'll dry mango ever again because it is way too delicious. Between Little Eco and I, we managed to eat the whole lot in only a few days. Oops!

But, by far, my favourite way to enjoy mangoes is as mango icecream.

Mango Icecream

Mango icecream


4 egg whites*
3 tablespoons honey or sugar
1 cup mango pulp**
1 cup thickened cream


1. Beat egg whites until frothy, then gradually beat in sugar.
2. Blend the mango pulp with cream. If you're using frozen mango, this will need to be done in a blender or processor, otherwise use a hand-mixer.
3. Fold in egg whites.
4. Place in an ice-cream maker, or if you don't have one, simply pour into a container and freeze.


Mango icecream for afternoon tea

*I used the yolks to make custard for our christmas pudding. I can't believe I used to use custard powder!? Have you tasted 'from scratch' custard? It's delicious and really not that much harder than using powder.

**If you start with frozen mango your icecream will take less time to freeze.

What's your favourite way to eat or preserve mango?

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