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A community where old and young are friends

A few weeks ago, Daddy Eco noticed a frail old man walking along the footpath. He seemed to be struggling so he pulled over and asked if he was OK. "Not really mate. Are you going to the shops?” “I am, would you like a lift?” offered Daddy Eco. They chatted on the way to the shops and Daddy Eco learnt that the gentleman had migrated from Turkey many years ago, suffers from arthritis, and now lives alone. Daddy Eco dropped him at the shops and returned to take him home an hour later. He also gave him his phone... Read more →

Preserving food doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming - freezing fruit

I used to be less than enthusiastic about preserving food. I wanted to take advantage of cheap seasonal produce, but was turned off by the seemingly complicated process of bottling (or canning for those of you in the US). The time consuming and messy methods involved in jam and sauce making also deterred me. I’ve since fallen in love with preserving because I’ve learnt that you’re rewarded many times over for your effort. I’ve also realised preserving food doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. One of the easiest and fastest ways to preserve food is to freeze it.... Read more →

Eco Village being planned for the Hunter Valley

"I dream of living close to nature; having space to grow food; having a teeny little ecological footprint; and being part of a community." You might recognise these words from my introduction to Little Eco Footprints. I know I can fulfil that dream living here in the city. We connect with nature every now and then in local parks, in our backyard, or on weekend bush walks and camping trips. I have more than enough space to grow food and even if we did start to run out, there’s always a community garden, sprouts on the kitchen bench or pots... Read more →

You won't find these in a McDonalds playground

I've changed my attitude to car trips over the past few years. The journey has become almost as important as the destination. I used to dread long car trips, but a change in attitude, a packed lunch, some snacks, and a thermos of tea have changed that. I now well and truly love slow travel. We had to drive to the south coast of NSW last weekend. It's supposed to be a four hour journey, but it took us almost seven hours. We stopped to forage apples from the side of the road. Little Eco enjoyed exploring the huge old... Read more →

Where to buy real milk at a fair price in Australia

Do the milk wars bother you? Are you frustrated by the way supermarkets treat dairy farmers and milk processors? Would you like your milk to be free of additives and dilution? Do you want to buy real milk but do not know where to buy it? Thankfully, there are an increasing number of small dairies taking back control from the supermarkets and going out on their own. You most likely won’t find this milk on supermarket shelves. “If you like the taste of old-fashioned, full-cream milk that hasn’t been homogenised, or you’d prefer milk from cows that have been treated... Read more →