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Best of Little Eco Footprints 2011

I enjoy looking back at what posts were popular with readers. This year, it seems readers enjoyed me toying with the idea of minimalism, pretty pictures of vintage things, frugal ideas, and challenges.

Here's the top posts (according to page views) for each month of 2011. Click on the image to be taken through to the original post.







Thrift shop find 1 vintage toy pram

My Cool Campervan book 2





I like that the two challenges (no spend month and Six Items or Less) were popular. I love a good challenge. I love that they push me beyond my comfort zone and that afterwards I settle into somewhere better than before.

So far I have two challenges happening in 2012.

The first challenge starts from tomorrow. The whole Little Eco Footprints household will be skipping supermarkets, shopping malls, and super chains for the whole of 2012. I'm really excited about this challenge. Perhaps you'll join me for a week or a month sometime during the year? I'll be back in the next few days to introduce the challenge properly.

The second challenge happens in May, when a few friends and I will be participating in Wildendurance, walking 100km in under 36 hours to raise funds for the Wilderness Society. Once I have our registration sorted, i'll be back with a plea for sponsorship.

I'm feeling good about 2012. Both Daddy Eco and I turn 40 during the year and see the milestone as a turning point to ensure we are living the life we truly want. More exercise. More family time. More meaning. Less stuff....

Bring on 2012!

Are you excited about 2012 as well? Will you be facing any challenges (intentional or otherwise) during the New Year?