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December 2011

I enjoy looking back at what posts were popular with readers. This year, it seems readers enjoyed me toying with the idea of minimalism, pretty pictures of vintage things, frugal ideas, and challenges. Here's the top posts (according to page views) for each month of 2011. Click on the image to be taken through to the original post. I like that the two challenges (no spend month and Six Items or Less) were popular. I love a good challenge. I love that they push me beyond my comfort zone and that afterwards I settle into somewhere better than before. So... Read more →

I’m a huge fan of ugly fruit. I far prefer blemished, knobbly, and odd shaped fruit over the uniform, hard and travel-wise fruit found in supermarkets. I popped into a local greengrocer recently to pick up some local Udder Farm milk and there on a sign outside the store were the words: “Bent Bananas Only $1.95 a kg”. I’m certain that sign would have caused me to pull off the road even if I hadn’t already been stopping. I naively visioned seriously bent bananas and had this overwhelming urge to rescue the deformed, yet perfectly edible, fruit. Of course, the... Read more →

Loving and preserving Australian garlic

Have you noticed Australian garlic is back on the shelves at your greengrocers? Had you even noticed it had been missing? Garlic is back in season and I was thrilled to receive a bulb of garlic in our recent CSA box from Purple Pear Organic Farm. I'd never imagined I could be so excited about a single bulb of garlic. We've been doing without garlic for the past few months rather than buy the super white stuff imported from China. Food miles aside, apparently imported garlic is gamma irradiated to prevent sprouting; sprayed with Maleic Hydrazide to extend shelf life;... Read more →

Stop buying stuff and donate instead: Charity Christmas gifts

We're giving charity gifts this Christmas. I love that by giving charity Christmas gifts we're distancing ourselves from the commercialisation of Christmas. I also love that charity giving is super green, because the resources involved include little more than some paper, printing and postage. And let's not forget that charity Christmas gifts are tax deductible. I hope that giving charity gifts becomes a new Christmas tradition for our family. It's not like anyone in our family truly needs anything. I finished our Christmas shopping only moments ago and have a lovely warm and fuzzy feel-good feeling. I don't recall shopping... Read more →