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What inspires you to make a change? {& my first audio slideshow}

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For me, Little eco footprints is all about inspiring people to reduce their environmental footprint because it looks like fun, or will save them money, or will improve their lifestyle...not because they feel they have to. I firmly believe that positive messages lead to positive outcomes. Hence, you won’t read at lot of doom and gloom about environmental destruction and climate change in this space. That’s not to say my heart isn’t full of fear and frustration at the way we treat our beautiful planet (and that i'm not trying to do something about it every work day). I just think I’ll achieve more by keeping that fear and frustration to myself.

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Instead, I try and focus on inspiring change by sharing aspects of my life that add meaning and happiness or make our life easier. But really, there’s only so much inspiration I can squeeze out of my life. And frankly I get a little bored with writing about my life because I live it every day.  Thankfully, there are a whole lot of people living lifestyles far more sustainable and inspiring than mine.

I want to share their stories.

I want to share their hand prints for a sustainable future.

Almost two years ago, after watching the One in 8 Million project, I decided that the medium I’d like to use to do this is audio slideshows. Short, powerful and inspiring.

But, like most of the projects I dream of, learning how to create audio slideshows sat on my ‘one day’ list. Until recently, when I had the opportunity to learn how to create audio slideshows from award winning ABC Open Producer Anthony Scully.

So to cut a long story short, I’ve finished my first audio slideshow and you can watch it here.

I loved capturing and preserving part of someone’s story. 

What inspires you to make a change to decrease your environmental impact? Fear? Books? Family? Education? Media? Friends? Blogs? Social media?

I’m more than aware that if I want to inspire change, then I need to reach more than my blog readers. I know that most of the time I’m preaching to the converted. Do you think a brief sticky beak into audio slideshow of someone else’s life would be more likely to be shared with, and watched by, those with the greatest potential for change?