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Switching off and going screen free for a week

Beach 2

These pictures were taken during a quick wander down to the beach after work last week. They remind me of the moments that don't happen while I'm sitting in front of a screen.

Do you find that the busier you are the more time you waste in front of a screen?

I do.

Reading blogs or writing a blog post is my number one procrastinating tool. I'll jump on the computer to do something I really have to do and 2 hours later realise I hadn't even started.

You too?

Things are crazy busy for me over the next few weeks. I have only three weeks left of working full-time, so the end is almost in sight, but the only way I'm going to stay calm and sane is if I drop all but the necessary tasks.

So I'm going screen free this week, except for 'work' stuff. I'm even planning to hide the modem while I'm working on the computer so that quickly checking email or browsing a few blogs isn't even an option.

Tempted to join me? Do you spend way too much time in front of a screen too?

It seems wrong to be sharing links in a post about going screen free, but I can't help myself.

Megan from EcoMILF shared her strategies earlier today for coping with the 'witching hour' in a TV free home.

Don't think you could handle a full week of going screen free? Perhaps you could enjoy Unplugged Sundays?

Are you a blogger and feel you HAVE to spend loads of time on the computer to have a successful blog? I highly recommend Rachel Meek's Simple Blogging e book. This book helped me drastically reduce the amount of time I spend on the computer and made me feel better about my approach to blogging. I don't tweet, there's no Little Eco Footprints facebook page, and I unfortunately rarely comment on other blogs these days (although I do have a blog commenting binge night at least once a month where I try to return comment love). It was either this or give up blogging. I figure that if my content is good enough then people will find it. And my content is certainly not going to be good enough if I'm spending all my time in front of a screen. I know I'd have more readers if I 'got out' more, but I'm happy with quality rather than quantity when it comes to my blog readers.

I'll be back next Monday with a super cute giveaway from Cycle Style