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I know I don't need all that stuff to be happy


I know 'stuff' won't make me happy.

But sometimes I get caught up in wanting stuff. A new camera lens, an ipad, a double kayak, a cargo bike, a sound recorder, and a food dehydrator. I've wanted to buy each and every one of these at some stage over the past month or so. Its ridiculous!

I know I can be just as happy, or more so, without them.

I read this article on the weekend: Living so your heart's content by Bronwyn McNully. It gave me hope that one day we'll live in a society where people care about 'friendship, co-operation, compassion and wanting to make the world a better place', rather than money and stuff.

"There's a growing awareness among people around the world, from all different walks of life, recognising there's a different way to move forward that's more healthy and sustainable and will lead us towards more fulfilling, healthier and happier lives. and a more sustainable future for our kids." Roko Belic

Speaking of stuff, the next 'Story of Stuff' will be released 8th November. It's the Story of Broke. Looks good. Here's a teaser.

You too? Do you get caught up in wanting stuff that you think you need, but know you don't?