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October 2011

These pictures were taken during a quick wander down to the beach after work last week. They remind me of the moments that don't happen while I'm sitting in front of a screen. Do you find that the busier you are the more time you waste in front of a screen? I do. Reading blogs or writing a blog post is my number one procrastinating tool. I'll jump on the computer to do something I really have to do and 2 hours later realise I hadn't even started. You too? Things are crazy busy for me over the next few... Read more →

We cycled the Fernleigh Track last weekend. We managed to cycle the entire 30km return journey. Little Eco started the trip on her new Trail-gator bicycle tow bar, but finished it sound asleep (wearing my jacket as pants) on the back of my bike. Notice the forced not-so-enthusiastic smile at the half-way mark? We had loads of fun and I enjoyed cycling in a car-free environment, so i'm dreaming of cycling every one of the Australian Rail Trails. It looks like there's hundreds of them. Perhaps there's a Rail Trail or Bike Path near you? I hope you have an... Read more →

Megan from The Byron Life recently featured the dress-up wings I made for Little Eco from old t-shirts (using this tutorial). She's motivated me to share some pictures of the wings I've subsequently made for birthday gifts..... {image by Madeline} There were three more sets, all for boys. In black & red, browns and blues. But I made these three the night before they all needed to gifted (on the same day!) so I barely finished them let alone had time to take a photo. I haven't been able to motivate myself to make a pair since that epic night.... Read more →

For me, Little eco footprints is all about inspiring people to reduce their environmental footprint because it looks like fun, or will save them money, or will improve their lifestyle...not because they feel they have to. I firmly believe that positive messages lead to positive outcomes. Hence, you won’t read at lot of doom and gloom about environmental destruction and climate change in this space. That’s not to say my heart isn’t full of fear and frustration at the way we treat our beautiful planet (and that i'm not trying to do something about it every work day). I just... Read more →